BSM: You Have a Crush on One of The Other Boys (Age 10-13)- Requested

Harry: ”So, who does our (Y/N) have a crush on? Does she have a boyfriend, hmm?” Louis asked, nudging you in the stomach with his elbow. You giggled and buried your head in your knees. You looked at Harry, your big brother, who was the only one who knew about your little, tiny, weeny crush on his best friend Louis. Okay, fine, it was a huge crush. You knew Harry thought it was kind of funny, but you also trusted him not to tell anyone. Or at least you thought so. 

"*cough* you *cough, cough*" Harry chocked out in between blatantly obvious fake coughs. Everything was silent for a silent for a second, until Louis started to laugh, and everyone else joined in. It was embarrassing, but you joined in. You hoped that if you laughed enough then everyone would just forget it and take it as a joke, and that if you laughed enough then the tears that were starting to form in your eyes would go away. You couldn’t believe he would give away your secret like that. 

Louis: "What’s wrong sweetie?" Your brother Louis had just come home from a day of recording at the studio to find you crying on the couch. 

"Nothing," you lied, wiping your tears from your cheeks and forcing a small smile onto your lips. "I’m okay, really."

"Well, we both know thats a lie, so do you want to tell me what’s up?" You buried your head in the sofa pillow and let out a groan. "Come on (Y/N)!" Louis said, tickling your stomach making you laugh till you finally agreed to tell him, just so that he would stop.

"Okay okay! Give it a rest would you? OKAY I’LL TELL YOU!" you screamed. "You’re gonna laugh at me, it’s really stupid."

"Just tell me! I won’t laugh… much," he added under his breath, which earned him a slap in the face with a pillow. "I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Come on, (Y/N), I really won’t laugh."

"Liam has a girlfriend," you sighed.

"What? Sorry, it sounded like you said Liam, as in Liam Payne, as in THE Liam Payne, has a girlfriend," he said, trying to suppress the laughter in his voice. You gave him a pointed look, and he straightened his face. "Okay, yes, I’m sorry. Please continue, I’m listening."

"It’s really silly, but I’ve kind of had a crush on him for a little while… Okay a long while." You looked over and saw your brother trying not to snicker. "And you’re laughing. Alright, alright laugh it up." 

"No, no, I’m not laughing," He said, forcing a serious look onto his face. "Okay, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m listening."

"I told you it was stupid! It’s just, he’s always been so nice to me and I know he’s a lot older than me and everything and he see’s me like a little sister, but I guess I just hoped, oh I don’t know. It’s silly." you sighed and buried your head in the sofa. 

"Well, you know what’ll make you feel better? Ice cream and a Disney movie marathon with your favorite big brother. That would be me by the way." He stuffed his face up next to yours and forced you to look at him. "So, what d’ya say? Which movie first, hm?" You smiled and sat up, hugging him. You really did have the greatest brother in the world. 

Liam: "What? Your little sister has a crush on me? Thats hilarious!" Niall shouted, bursting into laughter. You were eavesdropping on your brother and his best friend. You knew it was silly, but you’d always had a crush on Ni. He was so funny, and so cute. And you were both blonde! In your mind, it was meant to be! But, apparently not to Niall. You let out a small whimper, loud enough to let your brother and Niall know that you were there, and that you were listening. They turned around and you heard your brother murmur muffled curse words as you scrambled up the stairs to your room. 

"(Y/N), come on," Liam sighed, knocking on your bedroom door. "Sweetheart, open the door." You sniffed and sunk down on your bed. 

"It’s open," you shouted as loud as you could while your face was buried in your pillow. "How could I be so stupid, Li?"

"Don’t be silly, (Y/N), Niall was just being a jerk. He’s a boy! Boy’s are jerks, and don’t worry, you’ll find a guy who’s right for you soon enough."

"Thanks Li."

"Don’t worry about it, silly. Do you want to watch Toy Story with me? I think Niall wants to say sorry too." You sniffed and nodded your head, hugging your big brother with all your might. Thank goodness you had him. 

Niall: Your favorite time of day was when Zayn would come to play video games with your brother. He came almost every day, after they were finished recording in the studio or with tour rehearsals. You would sit and watch them, pretending to be reading a magazine or doing homework, and sometimes you would join in. You loved playing with them, because it meant that you could spend time with Zayn. You had never liked anyone the way you liked Zayn. Everyone knew it. But Zayn didn’t mind. He thought it was adorable, actually. He’d known you for a very long time, and he’d practically watched you grow up. You were his little sister. 

“Hey princess!” Zayn shouted as he walked through the door to your brothers flat. You squealed and jumped up to meet him as he walked through the door, tackling him in a hug. “Hey, there’s someone I want you to meet,” he said as your brother walked through the door, laughing with a girl you’d never seen before. “Princess, this is my new girlfriend, Perrie.” Your heart stopped. You were screaming on the inside, but you smiled.

“Hi,” you said shyly. You stay and talk for a little while but after a couple of minutes you said, “I’ll be right back, but right now I’ve really got to pee”. You ran up to your room, close the bathroom door, and cry. You weren’t going to be Zayns special princess anymore, and this feeling sucked. After a couple of minutes you heard a knock on the door. “Who is it?” you sniffed, trying to hold back your tears.

“Y/N it’s Niall. Open the door.”

“I’m fine!” You shouted as you tried to wipe your eyes. “I’ll be out in just a second.” The door swings open and you scream.

Niall laughs and just says, “You forgot to lock the door, you idiot.” Of course you did. “Now tell me what’s wrong.”

“Don’t be stupid Niall, I’m fine! See!” You said forcing a smile as you pulled yourself up from the floor.

“Yeah, uh no. I know your upset that you’re not gonna be the only princess in Zayns life anymore, but he’s always going to love you! And you know that. I told them that you aren’t feeling well, and that they should probably go home. So we’re gonna have and Niall-Y/N day like we used to. We’re gonna build a fort and watch movies but first, we’re gonna go get some food. How does Nandos sound?” He asks, pulling you into a hug. What would you do without your goofball of a brother.

Zayn: "Oh my god Zayn is so cute!" Your friends squeal as you close the door to your room. You roll your eyes, and make a disgusted face.

"EW! He’s my brother! That’s disgusting!" You scream and flop down onto your bed.

"You are SO lucky Y/N! You get to hang out with ONE DIRECTION, like every day! They’re SO CUTE!!" Your friend starts to giggle as she flops down next to you.


"Don’t tell me you don’t have a crush on one of them, because I know you do." You blushed and tried to hide your face, mumbling, that of course you don’t, because that would be so dumb. "Oh. My. God. YOU DO!" She sat up, hitting you over the head with her pillow. "Which one is it! You HAVE to tell me. No wait, let me guess. I mean it’s obviously not Zayn, so I’ve already eliminated one. Is it louis?" You shake your head. "Liam? Niall?" You shake your head again. "OH MY GOD IT’S HARRY ISN’T IT?" She hit you with the pillow again. "You have a full fledged crush on the one and the only Harry Styles."

Before you could even try to deny it you heard snickers coming from your door. You sit up straight to see the One Direction boys, minus Harry, standing at your door. “Hi girls,” Liam said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Urm, how long have you been standing there?" you asked nervously.

"Long enough," Louis snickered.

"We wanted to know if you wanted to order pizza, and I’m glad we asked," Niall teased.

"Uh, yeah, pizza sounds good, okay bye," your friend says quickly, pushing them out the door. OH MY GOD she mouthes as she makes her way back to 

"GO AWAY PLEASE" she shouts as you both hear the door open again. The door opens anyway, revealing your brother Zayn.

"I won’t tell Harry, by the way. And I’ll make sure the others don’t either." He starts to close the door, and just before he did, he stops and winks, saying "Or at least, I’ll try." You turn to look at your friend, your eyes wide, as she bursts out into laughter. 

"Let’s hope he can control them." Yeah, I wouldn’t count on it. 

Dude ok I need your advice I really want skool 2 start I can't wait any longer ugh Wht should I do?

Well, you do have to wait. Hang in there for only a few more weeks! Just get excited to buy new supplies and clothes and think about all of the new friends you’ll meet. Don’t forget to enjoy your summer though, because when school starts you’ll want it back. Maybe keep a calendar and cross off the days until school starts, but fill your days with friends and fun and food and all the good stuff before you won’t be able to and time will fly by fast. (I’m looking forward for school to start too, I live for the first week)

Can u do a bsm where u r sick and he takes care of u all the boys age 3~13

yeah sure. we’re a little busy with summer activities but we’ll see about getting it done when we can

I need your advice. Right, so I want to start this like 1d prompt blog thing. But I already co-own another blog (I'm not the original maker of the blog). If I do start it I'm not planning on leaving the another blog. That would just be selfish of me and I don't want to leave her hanging. But I really want to do this. I'm just scared it will be a lot of work to keep up with. Managing two blogs would be a ton of work. Can you help me decide what to do? Thank you so much!!

Okay, first of all, calm down :) You can still have your blog and the other one that you co-own and still be faithful to both. With me, I used to come on this one ALL THE TIME, and I still managed my main blog as well. I started this blog because I loved writing and had great ideas, and if that’s you, then I would totally go for it. If it’s something you have your mind set on and something you want to do, then feel free. It really depends on the kind of blog you co-own, though. If you’re running two writing-type blogs, it might be a little difficult to keep up with a posting/writing schedule and all the requests. When you first start your new blog, you won’t have a lot of followers and therefore not a lot of requests to fulfil, but over time you may start to accumulate more which can be a little tricky to keep up with. I manage my main blog and this one (I haven’t really posted any writing in a long time though, so you can hardly call it managing.) I’m also not too mixed up in the 1D scene anymore which is why I don’t come on this blog, and maybe why Chloe doesn’t come on too often. All I can say is do what you want to do, and if you find yourself not being able to keep up with one of them, it will be okay. If you happen to love doing both, then it’s not really work at all, is it? :) And you don’t have to constantly post on either of them, maybe write a whole bunch for both and set up some queues so you can still be posting and not be constantly on the blog 24/7. I hope I helped! xx


I’m laughing so hard bc Niall’s bodyguard had to dress up for the party as well



  "All of a sudden these lights are blinding me, I never noticed how bright they would be."  

@NiallOfficial: Oh na na, what’s my name oh na na what’s my name! Niall obviously



@NiallOfficial: Oh na na, what’s my name oh na na what’s my name! Niall obviously


  "All of a sudden these lights are blinding me, I never noticed how bright they would be."  


*in the car with my friend who hates one direction and little black dress starts playing*

friend: “hey this is pretty good, who is this?”




harry’s like omg that’s so hot


@NiallOfficial: Oh na na, what’s my name oh na na what’s my name! Niall obviously